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Who says building a website can't be fun? 

Well, actually, a lot of people. a lot of people say that.
But I must respectfully disagree...

In my incredibly humble opinion, web design should always start with a comfortable chair and delightful conversation, accompanied by a seasonally appropriate beverage. As your web designer, I'd like to talk about your business, project or services, understand what you love about what you do and how you'd like to present that to the world. It's my goal to provide you with a website and/or graphics and/or branding that represents you and that effectively drives traffic to your content.

As a combination nerd and people-person, this process is like the most fun thing in the world to me.

Hablo español y je parles français.


How I got started

I learned nearly everything I know about designing a website by simply doing it.

As the Marketing Director for a small, growing company, we needed a new website but didn't have the capital but needed a new website to bring us more capital but we didn't have the capital... You get the idea. And so, knowing the company's brand and mission like the back of my hand, I offered to give it a shot. With a bit of trial and error, drafting and revising, a "close-but-not-quite," a "nearly-there,"and a few good glasses of wine, we arrived... to a handsome, functional website that my boss (and client) loves.

Good Wine & Web Design is everything I love about marketing -- learning about and supporting the missions of local businesses, working with/towards new branding strategies and content that help the business to grow and thrive  -- with the super fun bonus design element. Also wine. I like wine.


Why squarespace?

I like Squarespace for the what-you-see-is-what-you-get element, the 24/7 customer support, and the sheer ease of use. And you will, too.

Though limited, Squarespace's site themes are all incredibly elegant and easily customizable, especially for someone who knows the platform like I do. I also love the built in Search Engine Optimization tools, which make improving your site's visibility even easier. With its award-winning customer care (which boasts an impressive 1-hour email response time), Squarespace also proves that it has your back. If you're worried about switching platforms or if in the end it just doesn't work for you, switching from Squarespace couldn't be easier with a website import/export option.

Still need convincing? Check out the following articles comparing Squarespace to its competitors:


STep 1: let's see if we're a good fit!

Shoot me an email!

We'll schedule a 10 minute phone consultation to ensure that Squarespace and Good Wine & Web Design are right for you.

Cost: FREE!

Step 2: Schematics.

How does every good project start? With a plan, baby!

Once we've made it official, I'll send you a form to fill out where you'll list things like your favorite websites, your favorite colors, adjectives to describe your business, your ideal website, complete with a quiz to define your wine palette.

Then, we'll get together and plan your whole website! With some fabulous wine matching your profile!
At the end of our meeting, you will leave with a sitemap, an outline for your content, design ideas, an SEO strategy, a production timeline and proposed budget.

COST: $100

Step 3: LEt's do it to it.

Option A, Sit Back & Relax:

Once approvedI will get to the business of building you the website you always dreamed of while you do you, running your business. Includes periodic check-ins to make sure we're on track.

COST: $500+

Option B, Get your hands Dirty:

You get on in there and do it yourself, yo! Hourly one-on-one coaching will ensure that you still get a website that you LOVE, but you will get the tools and the know-how to do it yourself.

COST: $60/HR

For branding and marketing consultations:

As someone who started in the marketing department and has acquired design skills thanks to my website design experience, I feel that I am at a unique advantage for consulting on branding & graphics projects for small businesses, events, projects, etc. 
I'd love to help you promote yourself and what you do. Click the button below to see some examples!

COST: $40/HR


Previous Work


kim maxwell studio

KMS' previous website was hosted through WordPress. Though visually on-brand, the site was difficult to edit and manage for the client. Once I migrated the site to Squarespace, the goal was to maintain a sense of levity in the copy while creating a professional feel and increasing the business' searchability.

"Sit Back & Relax" PackagE

As a project of Kim Maxwell Studio, the goal for this website was to create an entirely new brand for the podcast, while maintaining the connection between the two. The client wanted a crisp website that highlighted links and buttons to the audio content on iTunes and SoundCloud.

liz cotone, writer & coach
"Get Your Hands Dirty" PackagE

This client had five separate websites for her different business endeavors and had been trying to find a way to consolidate. She also wanted to be able to edit her site herself, and easily. The goal was to showcase her many services on the same site, but separately, while boosting her site's visibility.

Anthology: Ojai playwrights conference youth workshop

Client Tim Cummings wanted a simple, single-scroll website promoting his newly published anthology. Since all of the book's authors are either current students or alumni of the OPCYW, he felt it was important to develop a website that highlighted them alongside their work.



Lily immediately understood my visual style and the functional necessities of my site. She communicated a treasure trove of information effortlessly, efficiently, and in lay terms that even I could understand. Talented and whip smart, she is also kind, funny, and extremely patient — an absolute joy to work with!
— Elizabeth Cotone,